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Who Is Everyday Carry Gear?

At EverydayCarryGear.com we are a portal of information about all things related to Everyday Carry Gear with a touch of survival related topics too. If you are new to EDC and want to know how to start building your own kit, what to pack in it and considerations to think about regarding you and your family, then this is the site to add to your favorites list.

In the Articles section, you will find an array of categories relating to everyday carry gear such as backpacks, knives, fire starters, multi tools and flashlights. These are to highlight the best products on the market today and make you aware of any hot offers or deals we have from our affiliate partners.

Keep an eye on our home page as we highlight our most recent articles on hot topics and current top of the market product reviews for anything related to everyday carry gear. These reviews are by all means not a recommendation to buy that product but to give you our personal opinion of the performance, quality and overall usefulness of that particular product.

Everyday Carry Gear Recommended Reading

My recommended reading to get you started in the world of everyday carry gear are the following articles:

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Remember, the vital key to having the very best everyday carry gear in your kit is the knowledge to be able to use that gear when the time comes. All the preparation in the world doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it. So practice with everything and include the family too.

Be Prepared, Not Scared!