Top 10 Best Pocket Knife

Best Pocket Knife – Top 10

Choosing the best pocket knife is not an easy task or decision to make. With all the different brands, styles, marketing and reviews out there today, no wonder the task of buying just one can be a daunting choice. To assist you with making that right decision I’ve shared my

Top 5 Best Multi Tool

Best Multi Tool – Top 5

Multi Tools today are better than they have ever been. With so much choice, diversification and functionality, this market has expanded from the conventional swiss army tool, to the one piece and compact wallet sized tools designed to accomplish an array of uses. My Top 5 Best Multi Tool list

Best EDC Flashlight

Best EDC Flashlight

Ever tried moving around in the dark in an unfamiliar place? Or tried to do little intricate jobs like tying knots, unscrewing bolts or in general trying to see into dimly let areas when there’s no natural light available? For the standard Everyday Carry (EDC) kit, the Best EDC Flashlight

New to Everyday Carry?

An Everyday Carry Kit, or EDC Kit, is comprised of the everyday carry gear, including emergency essentials that you might need to face challenges or dangers, that come between you and your home. In the strictest sense, we all take an EDC kit with us each day. Our wallet or purse, keys, money, cell phone; these are the things we've decided we need each day to ensure that we can do what we need to do and get home safely. But is it everything we need?

How Do I Build My Everyday Carry Kit?

Check out our top articles below to get a feel for what the essential, optional and darn right cool things are to add to you EDC kit. Remember, you kit is just that, yours! So, to figure out what you need, you first need to assess what situations in your day-to-day life you are most likely to end up in. The vital key to having the very best EDC kit, is the knowledge to use the gear that is included. All the preparation in the world doesn't do you any good, if you don't know how to use the gear you’ve painstakingly selected to include in your kit. So get real and get started today.

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